About Driftwood Photography Studios

Driftwood Photography Studios was first conceived and established in 2005 at 30,000 feet while flying from Sydney to Los Angeles.

An avid photographer for most of his life, it was after living in Australia that Benjamin Ginsberg found himself on a flight to Los Angeles editing photos when a woman sitting a row back marveled at the images on his computer screen. Politely she inquired if there was anywhere she could by his work. Instantly the proverbial wheels started turning, and to her he replied, “not at the moment, but there will be!”

Today Driftwood Photography Studios is a collection of Architectural, Landscape, Interior; Action Sports; Wedding, Event, Club, Red Carpet; Commercial Marketing, Advertising, Stock; Portraits, Headshots; as well as Travel, Nature, and Fine Art Photography by Benjamin C Ginsberg.

5 Responses to “About Driftwood Photography Studios”

  1. did you ever end up selling your work to that lady on the plane?

  2. thank is a great idea driftwood. Keep it up

  3. this blog rocks. where was that picture taken?

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