Winter Storms Weekly Art Posting

Winter storms in Southern California mean rain, winds, and some heavy surf along the coast. But it also means empty beaches, save the odd local crowd gathering to watch the storm.

Stay tuned for more updates from Driftwood Photography Studios and for our next Weekly Fine Art posting!

Winter Crowd

Winter Crowd

~ by driftwoodphotographystudios on March 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “Winter Storms Weekly Art Posting”

  1. Ya brah, what’s up in the coastline. You should put my pick in the greenroom comp

    I’m the best surfer you know so you should enter me in the comp brah. Ya brah.

    • Zach-
      I just looked into it…it’s something for surfers to enter to get photos of themselves. Part of, yet independent of the weekly surf photographer feature they’re hoping to do.

      Basically they need images to use for this feature. So, to both get more people interested in their site while at the same time getting photos for the feature, they’re holding the contest.

      Enter the lo-res version you have (I assume you’re talking about the photo I shot of you from the Wedge that we got on the cover NHHS Calendar) and see if you can win it. Of course you can always give me a call/text to meet up and shoot anytime without entering a contest…

      I’d enter for myself, but I don’t need pictures of me surfing. Better to save the actuations for talented surfers like you!

  2. Great post thanks

  3. thanks

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