Broken Omelet

Had high hopes of putting a picture of a beautifully cooked omelet up, but the Driftwood Photography Studios chef (we don’t really have one…) managed to break it flipping it out of the pan onto the plate.

Will assure you, though, regardless of what the chefs and food photography critiques will tell you about visual presentation, it was absolutely delicious!  Three egg omelet with bacon, mushrooms, and a lovely cheddar jack mix.  Yum.

Who says you can’t have breakfast for lunch?

~ by driftwoodphotographystudios on April 6, 2010.

7 Responses to “Broken Omelet”

  1. that’s a retard please post pic of broken omelet for our viewing pleasure. a picture talk of a thousand words.

  2. who says you can’t have lunch for dinner…lol

  3. or dinner for breakfast….hahahahahah…halarious. What do you think Driftwood?

  4. cold pizza is one of my favorite breakfasts

  5. lol…hahaha. yeah fosho. pizza in the morning with a hangover and dragon breath. This is the true definition of a partier

  6. damn you really need stop making me hungry….haha

  7. is this another broke—-amelte raaahahaahahahahhahahahahahah yummmmmmmmym

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